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TBP initiation

Well, as of last night around 7:30 PM, I became an inducted member of Tau Beta Pi. Details of the proceedings of that induction cannot be revealed, owing to promises I made during said proceedings, but I offer two observations:

  • The chapter here at Washington University is very well organized, and the students put a lot of effort into making the ceremony both fun and meaningful.
  • With integrity as a strong component of the honorary society's mission, I was moved by what the students had to say on this topic, and I feel that the future of Engineering is well served by students who belong to TBP.
  • I am both grateful and moved by what the students did on my behalf to induct me into TBP. As I posted below, this involved some persuasive arguments concerning the role of computer science in engineering.

If you see more than two observations above, please consider that I estimated the number of bullets conservatively.


Congrats again! I'm glad to see you're out there fighting for us CS people...

I hope they haze like real fraternities... just kidding... maybe....

Posted by: Ed at November 11, 2003 3:30 PM