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Stress of public speaking

Chris recently posted about a site that offers advice about speaking in public.
So I thought I would offer some commentary on the article's

Principle #3--All You Need is Two or Three Main Points

Add to that:

  • 5 clashing colors used on the same slide
  • 12 subbullets in font too small for a buzzard to see from the first row
  • 33 animations that come and go by seconds based on a geometric series
  • A laser pointer sufficiently powerful to perform radial keratotomy

Finally, one should be able to do math, because the aforementioned article doesn't have just 3 key principles, it has 10. Then there are 11 causes of hidden stress, and then a recap of the 10 key principles.

I generally follow Chris's suggestion of plying the audience with good food.


Don't forget the sound effects! If you weren't supposed to hear breaking glass or screeching tires as each bullet point slides in, then why would power point have that feature? If you don't use all of the features, you're not getting your money's worth.

Posted by: Jim at November 19, 2003 12:28 AM