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KoKo the premed

We went to the Jean Strickland Dog Training Club yesterday for our first experience at puppy training class. There were about 10 dogs there with a variety of people. Our whole family went so we had more humans per canine than most.

The teacher never introduced herself but talked at great length about her dogs and their names. She kept refering to the humans as "mom and dad" with respect to the puppies. As far as I can tell, that label just isn't appropriate.

At any rate, she picked our dog KoKo to demonstrate how to do the first three positionings with the dog. She briefed us on how to correct them when they struggle or refuse to submit to the positionings. These positionings are to facilitate grooming, medical care, but also to set the stage for further training.

KoKo did all the positioning without complaint, and the teacher was surprised but a little disappointed that she didn't get to show us how to correct the bad behavior.