minutia press.

I was browsing through the magazine racks at Barnes and Noble tonight, when the magazine Bitch caught my eye. I couldn't tell its niche from the cover, so I said aloud "What is this?". In a flash, a woman working at the store strode over and explained that it was a magazine on women's issues, that it "points out the evil of men". And she gave me that kind of look that suggested that I could be painted with that brush as well as any other man.

I wonder what the corresponding men's magazine would be called? Responses welcome. Somehow "bastard" doesn't capture it.



a periodical that points out the evil of women?

Posted by: robert at November 16, 2003 6:01 PM

Hmm... That sounds just about right. And for the working buisnessman "Glass Ceiling"... entailing frustrations of working with women on the job, how to prey on their little indecencies (tut-tutting short skirts) and tendencies towards sentimentality.

Posted by: The Phantom Reviewer at November 19, 2003 10:54 AM