minutia press.

David posts about the US quarters, in particular the Wisconsin entry. I expect Lucas to put in his 25 cents on this topic.

I've been collecting these quarters in proof sets from the US mint. One day, these so-called lame quarters may be worth maybe 30 cents or so, who knows?

I think finding a design for a state quarter is a lot like formulating a mission statement for a group or making a dinner of leftovers. A lot of stuff gets mixed in because people like it, but the end result can be pretty disagreeable.

Maybe some real artists should have been involved, like those who did the beautiful sheets of colored plastic that line the sidewalk outside Cupples II. Or maybe the Wash U Bunny sculptor is available?


Or perhaps the designer of Eliot (the polisci building)? I'm sure he could make it out of concrete.

Isn't it ironic to have artists design a quarter that will eventually fall into their guitar case as they play in the street?

Posted by: Ed at October 3, 2003 2:24 PM