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New dog

If all goes according to plan, in a few hours we will have a new dog. It's new because it's only about 2 months old, and it's new becuase I've never had a dog before. I could go into all the misery I went through as a child, wanting a dog, but having parents (in particular, a mom) who was unrelenting in her avoidance of dog ownership. I could recount the story of my best friend Robert, who left pets on our porch with notes begging for adoption; unfortunately, my mom was too smart for this and she called Robert and made him take back the pets. I could tell the story of my uncle who threatened to give us a German Shepherd if we didn't accept the aquarium he gave us; my mom was too smart for that too, and the uncle had to take the aquarium back.

So this has been a very long time coming, but finally we might have a dog in just a few hours. She is a sort of beagle/cattlehound mix, and her appelation is currently under debate. Stay tuned for further developments.


A new router, a new chair, and a new dog. Wow. You're on a roll! :)

Posted by: Nathan at October 18, 2003 11:21 AM