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Reflections on Nine Eleven

Two years ago I was sleeping in a hospital room, to be near my daughter who was in serious trouble because her pediatrician, well intentioned though he was, had overlooked the fact that her appendix had ruptured a week before. I thought my world was coming to an end, but when I awoke and saw what was on TV, I thought the whole world was coming to an end.

Now, two years later, I still cannot help but think of the people who never saw their families, friends, or loved ones again after going to work in a place we all thought was safe.

I, and I suspect others too, suffered a dramatic loss of faith following the attack. I had faith that we were safe in this country, that our openness and views on personal liberty and freedom would insulate us from those who could not abide views different from their own. I had faith that if such evil were afood, that our national security and intelligence agencies were up to the task of recognizing and neutralizing such a threat before anybody got hurt.

May we all live to see the day when our world is a safe place and when faith in the humanity of others is never misplaced.