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Well, today was your chance to audition for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the hit show where 5 gay guys tell one straight guy things his wife have been telling him for years. I wonder what they look for at the audition. I suppose you have to be openly heterosexual but also dress, bathe, and live at a level some distance below fabulous.

I don't get it. The guy who's in charge of fashion puts a sweatshirt and a blazer on a guy, and everybody says how great it looks. If I did the same thing, people would just say I looked even stupider than usual. The guy in charge of shaving and that kind of stuff tells the victim to buy some brand of shaving gel I can't even pronounce. He's telling this to a guy who obviously hasn't shaved in a month or so. Doesn't chemistry inform us that the ingredients of two products, if they are the same, behave similarly even if one product costs 10x more and is unpronouncable?

How do I know so much about the show? It's become my wife's favorite show, and so we watch it every Tuesday night. It has replaced the succession of "our weekly show" which included over time The Practice, Twin Peaks, LA Law, Star Trek NG. Our latest show is decidedly different.

My favorite quote so far from the show is when the fashion guy is riding with the others to save a policeman from his awful plight, and he says "Guns don't kill people, bad fashion kills people."

How can you not like a show like that?


My family is so addicted to this show. We all gather around the TV on Tuesday nights to watch it, and I must say, it is growing on me. At first I was like "Wow, this is terrible." But the more I have watched it, the more I have realized that I really am a terrible slob.

So since I have started watching it I have spent several hundred dollars on new clothes and have changed my shaving habits. So far, 2 people have noticed. One of them was Prof. Loui. I'm not sure if this is progress or not.

Posted by: Nathan at September 13, 2003 4:49 PM

Right, I read your post about that. My interactions with Loui have been very nonlinear, but I'm sure he meant what he said as a compliment.

Posted by: rkc at September 13, 2003 11:08 PM