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Hockey 101

Last night was the second meeting of the intermediate hockey skills class at Brentwood. Brentwood rink is one of the best in town, and I guess they've been offering this class for a long time, taught by two guys named Kurt and Tim. At the first meeting, we skated drills to get placed in class, and I got the class I wanted -- the intermediate class. The beginners can't skate and I have some fundamental things to work on before I'm ready for the advanced class.

So last night was the first actual class, and we spent 40 minutes on skating drills and 20 minutes on passing drills. One of the more advanced students told me i gave him an "awesome pass" and that was great to hear.

The only downside is that despite the instructor's name (Kurt) he is very long-winded and we stand around too much of the time hearing the same group-level comments. But I'm sure the class will pick up as the semester goes on. I just hope the grade I get doesn't bring down my GPA too much.