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Mike Henrichs brought an interesting article to my attention this morning, so I thought I'd post it and see if others think it's on-target too.


I'm not sure it is as simple as the article likes to make it. Perhaps the movie industry has done a lot right, where the music industry has done a lot wrong, but I think the ease of getting a song vs. the ease of getting a movie online is what is making the real difference.

If I want to download a song, generally I can have it in 3 minutes, at most. Sometimes I can download it in under a minute. A movie takes upwards of 6 hours, and many times it takes days to get just one movie. It is easier to just go to the store and grab the DVD. Plus, the quality of downloaded movies is most definitely apparently less, even to people who really don't care. But it takes a trained listener to be able to tell the difference between and mp3 and a CD most times.

Finally, I think that the Apple Music Store is a wonderful way to sell music in this new marketplace. I had bought 2 CDs in the past year, both independent. I can't remember the last time I had bought a CD that was put out by one of the major record labels. (Okay, I just remembered. I bought the Kelly Clarkson CD. How embarrassing...) But with iTunes I have bought over 40 songs, and 2 full length albums. It is worth $1 a song to have a good quality version with the correct id3 tags that I can easily get and quickly download. I hope that they continue to add more songs, and get a Windows version working so the rest of the world can see how amazing it is.

Posted by: Nathan at September 15, 2003 9:24 AM

I think it is also important to note that those high CD prices could only be maintained through price fixing:


Perhaps the announced cuts in prices aren't an indication of a new business strategy, but that without colluding with each other and bullying the retailers, the price levels of years past are unsustainable.

Posted by: Joe at September 15, 2003 1:34 PM

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