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Cowboys win

I wouldn't normally post about football, and I would never go to game or watch one on TV (unless invited to do so). The fact that I was born and raised in Texas comes out only on a need-to-brag basis, and I had my accent surgically removed when I settled in NY.

But Chris and Lucas have gone too far. They had their say about who would win at football this week. They disparaged my home-town team, and even made fun of Bill Parcells (well, I suppose it is irresistible).

Gentlemen, this means war.

Prophecy turned to pathos when Dallas beat the Giants last night:

Dallas blew a 13-point halftime lead as the Giants outscored the Cowboys 25-12 in the second half, but Cundiff overcame a disappointing week one performance to win the game for Dallas.

You have to admire a team whose own website claims they "blew a 13-point halftime lead" and goes on to say that the kicker who scored the winning field-goal went from "goat to hero".


I watched the game last night and am still in disbelief, although I'm not really diappointed because it was a heck of a game.

Anyway, regarding my thoughts on Parcells and the Cowboys, let me just state that:

A) The Cowboys were the Packers' chief nemisis in the early 90's when I started watching football, knocking them out of the playoffs something like three years in a row. Therefore, I am required by Wisconsin law to hate them.

B) Bill Parcells is Bill Parcells

Posted by: Lucas at September 16, 2003 11:50 AM