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Cleaning up this town

Nathan posts about the advantages of cleaning up his room. I recently made a pact with my office, that if I kept the office clean, my office would stop moving books and papers around to where I couldn't find anything. So far, the pact seems to be working.

Then, shamed by Scott and Ben, I made the semiannual pilgrimage to the supermarket to stock up on chocolate, so that when countless (but certainly countable and bijectable on aleph-nought) numbers of students stopped by to admire my office, they would have a tasty and pseudonutritious treat. But, like the spaghetti waiting for the sauce, like the instantiated object waiting for its constructor invocation, like the wait waiting (what else) for its notify, I sit alone in my uncluttered yet utterly unvisited office.

By the way, my other pact with my office is not to eat the chocolate I buy for students, so come by, claim your treat, and (in the words of Feynman translating from the Japanese) hang your eye on my beautiful office.


Excuse me... I stopped by AND got some candy... and your office is looking clean....

Except for that dead body under your desk.

Posted by: Ed at September 16, 2003 3:14 PM

True, so maybe others will follow.

Posted by: rkc at September 16, 2003 6:54 PM