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Blues 3 Dallas 2

We went to the Blues game last night and tried out our new seats. I'm splitting a season with Dr. Robert and he and I attended the Fri night game against Columbus. Betsy and I went to the game last night.

Last night the Blues played against my birth-city team, Dallas Stars. The Stars weren't in Dallas when I grew up, but then again there wasn't ice in Dallas either except in iced tea.

After one intermission, we returned to our seats to find somebody in them, but they moved over. It turned out the squatters were from Dallas, and wanted to say hello to their ex-neighbor Dallas Star player as he went to or from the locker room. Our seats are right near the gangway for the visiting team to take the ice.

The player didn't come back after intermission (guess he had other things he had to do), so the squatters waited until the action got pretty intense to decide to leave, a not-so-cool thing to do at a hockey game. They squeezed past us and the other people sitting to our right. After they sortied, the guy to my right muttered something about rude people from Dallas.

Although I wore Blue on the outside, I was born and raised in Dallas, and the little child on the inside of me was deeply affected by that comment. I was about to start a fight with him when about 10 fights broke out on the ice, so we all turned our attention to the game.


You've gotta love preseason hockey. A bunch of guys fighting like crazy for a spot on the team. That is what hockey is about.

Posted by: Nathan at September 21, 2003 12:30 PM