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The party's over

We faculty were just informed that the University has passed a new policy regarding the extent to which we can entertain people. The policy doesn't allow us to provide food at regularly schedule events anymore. So, one may wonder how food will be served at department colloquia, happy hour, or my 101/102 grading sessions?

Logic informs us of the answer.

We will declare the school year to contain one (very long) colloquium, one very long happy hour, and one very long grading session. All food needed for these marathon meetings must be purchased ahead of time, and must therefore possess the stamina to stay fresh for a year. Also, a department can throw at most two parties a year, so I guess CS will have to forego its annual Groundhog Day party if we want to keep the parties we usually throw at Christmas and Alan Turing's birthday.

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch! I can only hope this policy changes before I do 101/102 again!


Oh Nickel and Dime U., how you continue to disappoint me.....

Posted by: James at August 29, 2003 12:18 PM