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The Bistro Bag

Why do they even bother? All my flights this past weekend have involved no food service during the flight (not even on a 4 hour one). Instead, as you file into fuselage, you pick up a bistro bag that contains your meal for the flight. I passed on the one going toward LA, but I was curious on the way back, so I took the bait.

Inside the bag, for a 3-hour flight, was a 1/2-container of yogurt and a bag of raisins.

Are they trying to save weight for take-off? Keep the bathroom lines short? They added all this extra room between rows, so why not plump up the passengers a bit so we can feel grateful for the extra space?

Well, another good thing is that once depleted, the bistro bag can double as a barf bag, should the need arise. I wonder if I pull on its handle if it will inflate and serve as a flotation device?


I had a bistro bag with a sandwich one time that was pretty good. The worst was when I got one of thos big Otis Spelunkermeyer (spelling definitely wrong) muffins. I was so excited that I got edible food, but when I saw that the muffin was peach flavored, I was oh so disappointed. Who the heck ever heard of peach muffins?

Posted by: Chris Hill Festival at August 31, 2003 8:14 PM

I don't mind that they've stopped serving meals on flights. As a somewhat fearful flyer and occasional misanthrope, I feel trapped by all of those lowered tray tables and tortured by the sounds of strangers chewing beside me, shuffling wrappers, and dropping things that are thenceforth unretreivable due to the aforementioned tray tables (adding to the claustrophobic conditions). And as far as the bathroom is concerned, you can forget about it once dinner is served--between the tray tables and that 50-ton cart blocking the aisle, there's no going anywhere for the duration of the meal. I always bring things to snack on that I know I like and are (usually) better nutritionally than whatever's on the menu. With the size bags some people try to bring as carry-ons, there's got to be at least a little room in there for some food from home!

Posted by: Michelle at September 3, 2003 8:31 PM