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Singled out

I find myself alone this evening, very alone, for the first time since I can remember. My wife and daughers are at the lake with their cousin; my son is at my in-laws' for a sleep-over. I've had time to think about things, time to practice organ as loud as I want, time to watch Extreme Sports Challenge on the Spike network, time to eat the food I love (sushi) without repulsing the people I love, time to blast music in the house with reckless abandon.

Somebody stop me: I'm running with scissors.

I tried to meet up with an old friend for dinner, but it didn't work out. So instead I went looking for a chair or sofa for my office. I plan to do a lot of reading this semester, and it would be great to have some place comfortable in my office to do that. I looked at Relax Your Back (recommended by a colleague in our department), which transfers stress from your back to your wallet. Then I went to Carol House, because let's face it, I don't like mediocre things. But it turns out Brookie is against animal cruelty, so Carol House has nearly divested itself of leather products. There was one remaining chair, which might just work out. I tried Famous Barr at Northwest plaza--a waste of time and gas. Hope holds out for Jennifer Convertibles (there is one in Saint Louis after all -- it's where I would have looked in NY for what I want), which is conveniently near Ted Drewes.

Except for my exessive noise, the house is very quiet. No skirmishes over seats at our dinner table. No TV (except Spike Network). Just me and my thoughts.

A friend of mine, a computer scientist in the making, told me once that he thought computers should not have just two cycles (fetch and execute) but three: fetch, execute, and ponder. In the ponder cycle, the computer would think about the ramifications of what it just executed. It would contemplate the possibilities of other outcomes, and consider what it might do if it had the chance to fetch and execute all over again.

So, having listened (loudly) to P, P, and M's amazing rendition of Dylan's "The times they are a changing", I find myself squarely in ponder mode, awash in the awe and gratitude for the greatness I get to see in people every day.

I think I need evenings like this more often, but not too often. The quiet is inspirational, but the noises are a blessing too.


Did you slide on the floor wearing a button down shirt like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? I'd think that would be something you'd do, but I'm just guessing.

Posted by: Ed at August 23, 2003 3:45 AM

I knew I forgot something! Next time for sure....

Posted by: rkc at August 23, 2003 9:12 PM