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Executive Decisions

Because of the calamity of last year's faculty assembly, I find myself in the shoes of Speaker of the Faculty Assembly, a position that I am overly and overtly inadequate to fill.

To recap the circumstances leading to this situation, I essentially gave the null campaign speech, saying I would be brief, and then I sat down. I had hoped that a speechless speaker would be, well, unelectable. Who could forsee that my opponent would trump me by saying that he had served as speaker some 100 years ago, and nobody should have to do the job twice.

So here I am, following in the steps of Ron Loui, but lacking his charm, charisma, and fortitude to do what must be done. Of course, I did what any self-respecting geek would do in a situation like this: I had a web site set up for the group. Shawn Henrichs designed the site, so take a look and let me or him know what you think.

The most frequent duty for this job is attending the Executive Committeee meetings of our School. The Committee is comprised of the department chairs, our Dean Byrnes, and the Speaker of the Faculty Assembly, yours truly. The committee wields untold power, and can control the weather and corn production in the bistate area. You see, some years ago, each department chair was given a ring to control his or her department, but the clever Dean at the time crafted one more ring, forged in the land of Target where the bargains lie. Hmm....Brookings does have two towers, does it not?


So, do you continue to answer to "Professor" or do you now prefer "Mr. Speaker?"

Posted by: david at August 18, 2003 10:26 PM

How about Mr Full Speaker?

Posted by: rkc at August 19, 2003 5:28 PM