minutia press.
Presses running again?

Well I'm told that if I hit the right button now, I can post again to my blog. When told of the blog's earlier demise, my wife simply said "that's too blad", but truth be told, I have missed posting more than anybody could have guessed. I'm hopeful that the archives will be found. There were some things I wrote that I wish now I had saved, because I took care and time to write them. Time and the abilities of our CS graduates will tell.


rest assured, the archives are safe and sound. however, they exist now only in pesky html format, not the MySQL format needed to display on your site. getting them from one format to the other is going to take a little bit of custom programming. fortunately, our washington university educations have left us all well-equipped for the job. and even more fortunately, certain persons (jim) have promised to lend their haxxoring skills to the problem so that lazier persons (myself) dont have to.

expect the archives to be back soon.

Posted by: michael. at July 17, 2003 9:44 PM