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Syrup Saga

Some of you have noticed that I have a bottle of syrup in my office, and when you have asked, I have told you some of the long tale of how that particular bottle of syrup came into my possession.

Thanks to Marc Donner, the epic tale has been recovered and his account can now be examined in detail.

I have posted the story to the web rather than here because of its length. Also, the veracity of that account has not yet been fully determined. Thus, I contemplate doing two things with Marc's missive.

  1. Bring the document into the modern era by HTMLizing it. I promise, no blinking fonts! I will also strive against my strongest impulses to leave Marc's text intact. I will resist redaction, but I am after all only human. This leads me to
  2. Publish my own account on the events surrounding this bottle of syrup. I plan to count on my foggy memory and other devices of convenience to spin a yarn that follows the truth only as closely as is necessary.

For some background, Marc is a friend of mine from my IBM days. Syrup is just one of the topics we would discuss in depth at the "cafes" he used to host in Croton, NY. I will post soon about the wonderfulness of cafes.


Who puts syrup in someone's shampoo bottle?

*looks around*

Posted by: Ed at June 28, 2003 1:02 PM