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Starting up the presses again

I have returned from my cross-country tour. I spent 3 days in Washington DC followed by a week in San Diego. While I'd like to post a longer trip report, my guess is that things will get busy this week so I better just summarize.

The DC trip went well, and the ongoing PCES work is very exciting. I feel that our group has a vital role to play and the interactions at the meeting were as always, very stimulating.

San Diego must be the Spanish phrase for "paradise found" because it is truly an amazing place. I caught up with Nick Calugar and saw a bunch of my friends and colleagues from IBM. George Varghese and Subhash Suri, both alum profs of our department, were in attendance, and George recommended an amazing Indian restaurant in La Jolla Village.

I was general chair for PLDI so I arrived a day early to frequent Kinko's and get copies made for tutorials. I then had two papers at LCTES, one with Angelo and one with Ravi, and these went well (Ravi did a superb job presenting our material; I presented Angelo's material (see next post) but it would have been better in the original Italian. It was a great conference, and I was asked to be next year's program chair. I agreed, so I'll be in DC yet again next June for LCTES 2004.

You have to visit San Diego to appreciate the hold it has on its inhabitants. It's an amazing place, and the weather is usually excellent. Around this time of year they have "June Gloom" which means it's overcast and "rains" (rain is really a light mist that doesn't stop anybody from having fun). The sun came out by the end of the week, and the temperature soared into the mid 70's.

There were several highlights of the trip and I'll post about them over the weekend. It's good to be home.


Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good cross country trip, but I'm still concerned that the people in D.C. didn't grasp the severity of the mole problem across the country.

When will they learn moles are not to be toyed with?

Posted by: Ed at June 15, 2003 2:57 AM

Right, ask any gardner: moles are not the cute creatures they pretend to be.

Posted by: rkc at June 15, 2003 7:49 PM