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Rediscovering my past in Saint Louis

Although I arrived at our (1904) Fair City courtesy of my wife, it turns out I have some old roots here to explore. Charlie recently posted about a site that tells the history of Saint Louis, mostly in pictures.

I started wondering if the Internet held the secret of my past in Saint Louis, and sure enough, there is a site that mentions the Cytron Mortgage building, and a recovery project underway to restore it.

My dad's family used to live in Saint Louis, and I believe they were in the mortgage and banking business until the Great Depression hit in the late 1920's. At that time, they moved out of Saint Louis, but I had heard of the building and wondered where it was and if it still stood.

I plan a trip downtown to find out. If you're interested, come along and we can also stop by the Crown Candy shop, my treat.