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June is Duct Tape Month!

While waiting for the plane to depart San Diego for Saint Louis, we were informed that the aircraft had a "carpet" problem and that research was underway as to how to fix this problem so the plane could take off with its carpet securely in place.

We waited about 30 minutes, and then a guy in a maintenance uniform strode by with a roll of Duct Tape (and June is Duct Tape Month) in hand. Needless to say, the problem was solved in a jiffy (1/50 of a second in England; 1/60 of second in the USA), and we were allowed to depart.

Passengers, crew, and staff alike salute Duct Tape for its many uses, not the least of which is the repairing of loosed airplane carpet.


I think if I were on a plane being repaired with duct tape, I would vacate the premises as fast as possible

Posted by: Chris Hill Festival at June 15, 2003 9:46 PM