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Ahrt for Engineers

I still think it's funny that what Jim saw and posted about is the kind of art the Art School wants to export to engineers.

Are we capable of comprehending only rectilinear frames with tinted transclucent panels? They could at least throw a parallelepiped or rhombus in our general direction.

For what kind of techie geeks do they take us? This is something up with which we should not put.

Seriously, I think we should install some computers over in the art school for their students to admire. The computers could be made of plastic with painted-on keyboards and every now and then make a "ding" kind of noise.


No, we should give them a big black box with lots of blinking LEDs that emits beeping and crunching noises every so often. After all, everybody knows that the more it blinks, the better the computer is.

Posted by: Jim at June 21, 2003 11:12 AM