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The Internet knows all

For reasons not all that relevant to this post, I was trying to locate an ice-skating facility near Lancaster, England. Turning to my trusty computer, I started surfing around, and found out the following.

  • UC Boulder has a study-abroad program and says the following about Lancaster:

    The university has excellent indoor and outdoor sporting facilities that enable you to take part in activities such as swimming, badminton, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and aerobics. The facilities are even equipped with a sauna and a rock-climbing wall. In addition, there are over 80 non-sporting activities and clubs at Lancaster. These may be related to an academic department, have a religious, political, or cultural affiliation, provide opportunities to pursue a hobby, or allow you to just have fun doing something new.

    While I think they should have put hockey up front, they do at least mention it. I wasn't sure it's *ice* hockey however, so I probed further.

  • This page claims that they have a "hockey pitch" outside, which probably means no ice?

  • Well, some more bad news. Manchester used to have an ice rink and a hockey team (The Storm) but has neither anymore.

  • It gets more interesting: they were supposed to build a replacement, but haven't done so yet.

Finally, with some help from a Lancasterian, this shows the ice-skating resources available in Lancashire. I guess Google couldn't figure out that Lancashire is a name for the greater-Lancaster area.