minutia press.

If you saw a dust cloud near 502/503 Bryan today, then you were within eyeshot of the DOC group cleanup of the millenium. What began as a humble notion on quadrille paper by Chris R. (for renovate) Hill became a realtiy today as the DOC group grads, summer students, faculty, and staff pitched in to pitch out the junk that had accumulated around the lab area. The result is a more pleasing and spacious place to work, study, and juggle. The refrigerators were returned to their original, pristine, toxin-free state. Said Sharon Matlock:

I came over to close the window [that leads to the roof outside Bryan Hall], and that's when I noticed a refrigerator and a chair on the roof. I decided just to go back to my office.

So extreme were our efforts that CTS began a similar activity, but it fizzled out with only limited success. Said Allen Rueter:

The University is considered a corporation when it comes to disposal; we can't just throw out old computers, we have to have them picked up.

As a result of the DOC group's efforts, the hallway is littered (so to speak) with books, hardware, and software that can be yours, friend, just for the taking. Tired of programming in C++ or Java? Come by and pick up a vintage book on Basic or Fortran.