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CS Softball game

Wednesday might have been my best day in a long time. It started out with some simple stuff around the office, nothing too brain-taxing. At lunch I took a skating lesson from Ryan Kane. I then did my usual tour of the CS 102 labs, where students were having fun making Whack-a-Mole servers and clients.

Then, there was a reception for Faculty Associates of the dorms, and I've been (proudly) associated with Liggett 3 these past 9 months. The fare was cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, and it was most excellent. Then, I joined the aforementoined Liggett 3 floor for the weekly dinner at Center Court. While we didn't break any indoor records for floor attendance, the group that showed up was great, as usual.

To cap this day off, I wandered over to watch the famed CS Softball team play their semi-final and final matches. I had been wanting to watch the team play for a while, but had trouble making the games on the nights they were playing. Luckily, it rained last week when Pssover would have prevented my attendance, and so I showed up last night to watch the two games. In attendance also was Robert Pless's mom, visiting from out of town.

The team has people on it from all over the CS department, but there is an especially strong DOC group presence. The first game was against a group of social and behavioral science graduate students, and our CS team had no trouble with them. Sally Goldman did a fine job of pitching, and there were some awesome outfield and infield plays, as well as some strong batting.

The final game started almost immediately after the semi-final game, and our team did not have the benefit of rest nor beer to restore its strength. Facing a misplaced bevy of Betas (with some women in attendance so they could play co-ed), we did not fare well but we did give the Betas a run (or two) for their money.

Great job CS Softball team!