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Still stuck with the Suzuki

I had hoped to be back in the driver's seat of my renovated RAV4 by now, but the body shop wants to keep it a while longer, under observation, to see if any of its previous symptoms reoccur.

Apparently, the RAV4 did not go down without a fight. Borrowing from a Stephen King novel (and the very bad movie made from that novel), the guy working on my car "accidentally" drove a drill bit into his hand. He has been unable to return to work, and so my RAV4 has been up on a lift all this time, parts strewn about the body shop, waiting for the next person to try to fix it up. I guess nobody was brave enough until late this past week, and when the new person took over the job (not without trepidation I'm sure), even more damage was discovered than was thought present at first.

Did the former repair person exact revenge on the RAV4? Is the RAV4 pulling itself apart in a desparate plea for help? Or is this just a ploy on the part of the body shop, convincing me my RAV4 is still out of service while some hot shot with a drill tools around town in my car?

The shop manager tried to console me -- wishing there were something he could do for me. After all, he said, the rental car is paid by the insurance company, what could he do for me? Not missing a beat, I volunteered that he could pay for the excessive amounts of gas this Suzuki guzzles in its pathetic attempt to prove itself worthy of renting. "Gas?" said the body shop owner.
"No, we can't do that, sorry". But we will shampoo and wax the car, and fill its radiator with Holy, De-Ionized water.

Oh if only my RAV4 had a standing DNR (do not repair) on file.


I got in a car accident once, and I was VERY sad while it was gone. I was so incredibly happy when it finally came back.

Posted by: Nathan at March 15, 2003 11:25 PM