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No haircut, it's just Jim

Because I had used it at my kid's chorus practice Tuesday, I came to work with my guitar (in its case). I tried leaving the guitar in the car, but it started to cry, so I relented and brought it inside. On my way in, 3 people remarked about my haircut.

I didn't get a haircut.

I've heard similar stories, where somebody will get a new pair of glasses, or wear a new shirt, and people remark about that person's haircut.

So it seems that whenver something fundamentally changes, people jump to the conclusion:

Oh! (all conclusions begin this way) he (or she) just got a haircut

I wonder how far this can be taken? Do the changes have to be external? When Chris and Lucas take on super powers as they graduate, will people think it's their haircut?

Maybe you're wondering about the title of my post? Fret not! My guitar's name is Jim McStaggerwalt, but you can call him Jim if you like. He's a 12-string, American Guild guitar. He's named after the guitar teacher I had at camp, who had the first 12-string I'd seen.

Jim's strings are badly in need of changing (I prefer silk and steel), and I'm going to do that this weekend, after which people will probably stop me and ask me about my new haircut.