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Guess the chef

Way back when I was a mere bachelor, whooping it up in Westchester County, I would go to friends' houses for dinner and always bring something. I would bring something because I liked to try to make weird but tasty food and because I like to encourage thiat kind of activity.

After Betsy joined me in New York, we continued going to friends' houses for dinner from time to time, and the friend would always assume I had made the dish. This annoyed Betsy for several reasons, not the least of which was that sometimes she made the food we brought.

Tonight we go to Professor Aaron Stump's house for dinner, and I'm looking forward to renewing the tradition of bringing food. The food comes from our house, but I'm curious whom Aaron will guess was the chef.

I wonder if this has the makings of a new reality show---some kind of strange variation of Iron Chef.

Morimoto makes a French dish and the Iron Chefs show up at somebody's house (mine would be OK), and everybody thinks Sakai made the food.


Actually, Sakai Hiroyuki is now known as Iron Chef Freedom. And just to be completely absurd about it, they should go back to all previous shows, and dub over (yet again) everytime they say "French."

Posted by: Brodie at March 23, 2003 11:22 AM