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Come back, all is forgiven

OK, students: some of you have been to Florida; others have been to Florida too.

Enough is enough: It's time to come back.

Students, come back, so that Holmes Lounge, the Bakery, and the AC will resume their normal hours.

How I spent my Spring Break

  • I caught up with all my TOPLAS backlog
  • I wrote most of a cs102 exam
  • With Dave Jurgens , I helped complete the mayhem that I like to call Lab 5a .
  • I played with the Blast our last game against a B-league team for this season.
  • We rented an RV for the Summer in preparation for Betsy and Rons' Excellent RV Adventure.
  • I helped my 4-year-old set up an RV in our basement. Actually, it's a cardboard box but he put a pillow, some plastic dishes, and some fake food in it.
  • I wrote recommendation letters for worthy students and colleagues.
  • I reviewed 2 papers for an embedded-systems conference.
  • I cleaned up my office.
  • I went out to lunch 3 times, to different places, spending more than 20 minutes eating lunch.
  • It looks like I got a haircut (see post below)