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Whom to believe?

Ben has posted about how true horoscopes can be.

On reflection, I'm not sure whom to believe any more. I guess I'll trust Ben on this one, but on the other hand, it seems my fate could be decided by the veracity of the fortune cookie I opened the other day at Lu Lu, or my horoscope entry.

Now the Chinese culture is old and venerable, but haven't the stars been moving in their courses even longer? Whom should I believe? And then there's the proverbs I find on the fitness magazines I was forced to order to support our middle school.

So, here's the problem:

  • My fitness horoscope recommended low-impact exercises on February 4th. Thinking I knew better, I joined the Blast for our game against an upper-level team, and we got pounded into the ice like never before.
  • My fortune cookie told me to have courage in the face of danger (it was worded more profoundly, but that was the sentiment)

Maybe the fitness magazine is wiser still, offering 23 ways I could use exercise to overcome stress. They must know the agony we suffer when our horoscope and fortune cookies fight over our fate.