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RV -- crazy idea?

We are considering packing the 5 of us in an RV this Summer and driving West past beautiful, historic Creve Coeur toward Colorado.

We've been contemplating a trip like this for some time, and this Summer seems like a good time to do it.

Question: is the RV part crazy? We picked up some books on RV'ing, including the ubiquitous "for dummies" version. It seems like a good idea, but are we really RV people? What does it take to be an RV person?

If you have some RV experience, positive or negative, I'd appreciate your advice.


If you take a RV into Colorado, be prepared to be vehemently hated by everyone stuck behind you as inch into the mountains.

Posted by: jim at February 23, 2003 3:23 PM

When I was growing up, we did NOT camp. My mom always said her idea of roughing it was an old Holiday Inn. But when my dad got sick and couldn't sit well, they bought a little RV and started touring the country. That way he could lie down in back.

It was an amazing experience, and the most surprising part to them was how very, very nice the people they met on the road were. Other RVers would help my mom hook up the camper, or share their dinner, or just stop by to say hello.

They loved the peace and quiet of the state parks, and the freedom of having all they needed right there with them, but the best part was the kindness and fellowship they found among the other people on the road.

What would it be like with three kids? Probably like any trip with kids - frustrating, expensive, exhausting, and with a few magic moments that are the ones you remember.

Just be sure to stop at a nice restaurant once in a while.

Posted by: Elaine at February 23, 2003 8:26 PM