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Fox's next reality show

Ben has inadvertently given Fox an idea for their next "reality" show.

Reality Bites

The show would feature real people eating real food (really gross food in some instances) to the point of getting really sick and issuing real vomit. Merging some of their more successful themes, this new show could include

  • Animal-challenge night, where contenstants go up against animals that are adept at consuming certain foods. If the human challenger wins, he or she gets to eat the losing animal.
  • "Millionaire" night, where the challenger tries to out-eat a millionaire; whoever wins gets to eat the loser. Ties would be decided by the oatmeal creme pie battle described next.
  • Oatmeal creme pie night, where the challenger goes up against Ben Brodie Here, the contestants just boast about how many oatmeal creme pies they can throw down, without really eating anything at all.
  • Iron Chef night, where the challenger picks one of the Iron Chefs as his or her opponent. The two then spend 60 minutes preparing food that must include a theme ingredient. Then, each must consume all of the other's food. The winner gets to eat Kitchen Stadium

Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where Ron Obvious eats a cathedral.


Alright, you've angered me. The contest is on! No more time for talk. Those who act are the ones that get a bunch of free oatmeal creme pies and get sick.

Posted by: Brodie at February 1, 2003 12:10 PM

mu hahaha. my evil plan is working.

Posted by: rkc at February 1, 2003 4:49 PM

You guys are obviously not from Philly. We have this little thing called the wing bowl every Friday before the super bowl. The goal is to eat more wings than anyone else. The winner this year ate 154 wings. That's not the gross part though. They have to qualify by doing weird eating contests as approved by the local sports radio station that runs the whole thing. Stunts include eating a pound of pig's blood and a pig's ear, eating bull testicles, ten bananas in 90 seconds, eating a box of crayons, toenail clippings, and sharing a bowl of dog food with a dog.


Posted by: Ari E-B at February 17, 2003 10:50 PM