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Dave Barry's weblog

David has discovered that Dave Barry has a weblog . So, naturually, I took a look to see what he writes.

First, I was impressed by how often he posts, with multiple posts almost every day. "Quantity is no substitute for quality, but it's the only one we have." goes the saying.

OK, a cheap shot at a famous blogger, I admit. Referencing a post of mine from long ago, Dave Barry's log falls into the third category, namely those who offer amusing and inciteful commentary on the ways of our world.

But most of Dave Barry's posts are simply pointers to interesting things he has found on the web; little commentary is offered, and he didn't write the stuff he references.

This supports a view I had when the web first started: the web turns the publication world upside down. It used to be almost impossible to publish anything because the cost of printing and distribution was so high. But the web makes those things easy. Now it's the editing, filtering, identification of useful stuff that is problematic.

Who knows, maybe one day Dave Barry will point to a negative273 community member's blog? I say we invite him to our next blog party.