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Recommended movies

Thanks to Nathan for the first movie recommendation, Charade , which has been duly added to my netflix rental queue.

I'll post a summary of recommendations after the flood of responses abates. I thought it might help you to know what I've rented so far, and netflix says it can e-mail me that info within four hours of my request. I cannot imagine the computerized process on the other side that needs 4 hours to figure this out.

They will show me what I've seen the past 3 months:

  • Beverly Hills Cop III, 1994
  • Black Hawk Down, 2001
  • Zoolander, 2001
  • The Thirteenth Floor, 1999
  • Pi: Faith in Chaos, 1998
  • Novocaine, 2001
  • A Kid Called Danger, 1998
  • Cast Away, 2000

I'll post a link to the whole list after I receive the list from netflix.