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Ragin' Cajun

I've been in New Orleans, attending an executive committee meeting and then a program committee meeting. Here is a list of the restaurants I've visited, in case you, faithful reader, come to this fair city.

  • Friday at lunch, I needed to grab something quick, and Smith and Wollensky was nearby, so I went by there for lunch. It's a steakhouse. The steak was excellent.
  • Friday after the meeting at 10 PM, a friend wanted to grab some dessert. He saw Smith and Wollensky on his way to the hotel, and wanted to go there, so there we went [can you see where this is headed?]. It's a steakhouse. The dessert was OK.
  • Tonight, our program committee goes out for a nice dinner. The program chair, a vegetarian, has chosen Smith and Wollensky for our group dinner. I think I'll get a steak there because I hear it's a steakhouse and the steak is excellent.

Any of the above three restaurants is worth visiting should you make the trip to New Orleans.