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Fake ice

For our recent trip to Florida, I found out that an ice skating nearby was having a free session Christmas day, so I packed my skates and took them with me to Florida.

Once there, I read that downtown Delray Beach had an ice rink set up outside. That may not seem unusual for St. Louis, but the temperature in Delray Beach is considerably higher. I had to check this out.

It turrned out that they had set up a skating surface, but made from fake ice manufactured by this company. I tried it out and it was very unusual. First, the rink was not flat, so there were slopes that you don't usually find on an ice rink. Next, the material shaves off a little when you turn or stop, putting a fine plastic powder on your skate edges. Finally, most people who live around the Delray Beach area don't skate, so there were a lot of mid-ice collisions. It's kind of like what you see in Texas on the streets when it freezes there.