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Chicago in a PT Cruiser

We all went to Chicago this past weekend, to observe the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of some friends of ours who live in Buffalo Grove. We've travelled with that family 3 or 4 times on vacation. They have 4 kids, we have 3, so the 11 of us rent condos in various scenic places (like Branson, Trout Lodge, or the Wisconsin Dells), and we do the sorts of things you're expected to do in those places (respectively: see shows, swim, eat cheese curds).

We landed in O'Hare and then boarded the Dollar Rent-a-Car bus to get our car. The driver turns on his microphone, tells us we have boarded the Dollar Rent-a-Car love bus, and that we will next be entertained by our driver singing some golden oldies. He sang two songs I didn't recognize. The lack of recognition was entirely my fault, as this guy sang his hydraulic brakes off. He was amazing. So if you need a bus to Dollar at O'Hare, ask for "Bo".

On arrival at the rental car counter, we were told that our 2-door car was ready for us. If you do the math, you discover that 3 kids and a 2-door car takes about 6 hours to load. Of course, he knew he had us just where he wanted us. So I had to ask: what would it cost to upgrade to a 4-door car? It wasn't expensive, but the best part was that we had our choice of car: a PT Cruiser, or something else that I'll call a non-PT Cruiser.

I've seen these PT Cruisers, well, cruising around Saint Louis, and my kids always instinctively yell "PT Cruiser, Elbow Bruiser!" when they see one. So renting that car was somewhat of a treat. It was fun to drive, and the driver's seat was incredibly comfortable. The trunk space was lacking, but hey, who cares? People were elbowing each other left and right in our back seat.


Ever rent condos from any of the Tamarack developments in the Dells? That's where we used to vacation a bit when I was a young'n. It's a pretty fun place, despite the cheese curds.

Posted by: Adam at February 2, 2003 9:15 PM