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The Garamond Police

Soon after I joined our faculty, I was saddled with the job of preparing the department brochure. Of course, I did this in LaTeX, text-processing system of the gods, and when I submitted the first copy for approval by the University, the whole thing was rejected because I had used the wrong font.

Yes, Washington University has an Official Font, and it is Garamond, a font that is usually evident upon examination of the capital W, which should appear like two Vs that got a little too friendly at the font foundry.

OK, so I coaxed LaTeX into using Garamond, and the University was happy.

Then what is the deal with the sign at Small Group Housing (which over the Summer was Small but Heavily Armed Group Housing)? The W in Washington University is not the official Garamond W, but there it stands, carved literally in stone. I guess the University thought it would be too harsh to have them start that building all over again over such a small thing.


Go LaTeX! Sorry... Anyway, I'm surprised that WU hasn't fixed the small group housing sign. I mean, all they'd have to do is tear down the building and spend a couple of million dollars to build a new one. Perhaps I shouldn't joke about this; I wouldn't put it past WU admin to do that.

Posted by: jim at December 13, 2002 12:03 AM

Maybe they'll fix the temp signs that still exist around campus. I had to walk some of my friends up to them before they'd believe me when I said there were cleverly painted plywood.

Posted by: james at December 13, 2002 1:03 AM

I recently saw an official car glass sticker for Washington University in St. Louis, and I noticed that it too did not have the double-V W. Maybe they are not as anal retentive as previously thought? But as my mom used to say, "You can't be anal retentive without an anus."

Posted by: Brodie at December 15, 2002 10:10 AM