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Rest in Piece(s), Fair Clarice

Clarice, that noble robot, aspiring nocturnal golf-ball caddy, and brian child of the evil twin scientists separated at birth ( Lucas and Ben ), suffered a fatal dismemberment today.

"She was good to the last," lamented Ben, "as she offered herself for a brain transplant so that other students might live up to their academic potential." It seems that admiration of Clarice was universal. "She was a chip off the old [lego] block," said Lucas, "and a light to us all."

A natural leader, Clarice set an example for lego robots everywhere. "She felt drained when she wasn't in charge," sobbed Lucas and Ben. "Although solid and wiry, she would sometimes fly apart under pressure."

Clarice was widely known for her fear of golf balls and her insatiable appetite for 9-volt batteries. Near the end of her short life, however, she overcame her fears so that Ben and Lucas could pass their robotics course. "Instead of running from the golf balls, she actually batted them back and forth before eating them," said Clarice's inventors. She will be remembered for her bravery.

In lieu of flowers, Ben and Lucas welcome donations to the Clarice Block Party fund.