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Realization about myself

Today, when faced with as many choices as one could wish, I chose the tsitsel bagel. This may not seem like a profound event, but it has deep meaning for me.

You see, tsitsel bagels are plain bagels dusted with corn meal, and as such, they are found mostly in the midwest. Even though there were poppy, sesame, and "everything" bagels within reach, I chose the tsitsel bagel.

I think this is a sign that I have gone beyond accepting life in the midwest, and have moved toward embracing it. There are many aspects of life in the midwest that are good, not the least of which is the opportunity to learn to play hockey as an adult. And the people here are good, no doubt about that, although crime here is higher than one would want, reports Chris .

But from all the things that seem bad here, the tsitsel bagel rises above them all, the bagel that beckons, the nosh that nurtures. I find myself dusted with fine corn meal and I am refreshed.