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It's a bad sign

Because the elevators in Bryan and Jolley halls can exhibit stochastic behavior, I often take to the stairs, especially for the gravity-enhanced segments of travel. There are some signs posted now in the stairwell that are supposed to be highly informative in emergency situations, so that people in the stairwell can understand where they are and where they should be going.

These signs are relatively new, but they share an old problem. The messages are entirely in upper-case, with a sans serif font. It is nearly impossible to read the signs quickly. It also looks like they did a fair bit of squeezing (kerning) between the letters so the messages would fit. Then too, for some reason, these signs are posted between the floors so that it's not clear to which floor the sign applies. Careful reading (difficult, see above) will reveal the signs secrets, but I bet this could have been done better.