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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

I attended the piano students' recital this week, which featured the piano stylings of our own Ben Brodie . Ben played two really cool duets (Ben who were they written by?); he needed some help with the duets, so another student played along with him. Ben let some other students play for a while, and then he played a solo piece, for one player with 5 hands.

The students played really well, especially Ben, but the concert left me wondering three things:

  1. Why don't more students study music while at Wash U? There are some excellent instructors, and it's a great place to learn more about something you already play or to pick up a new instrument.
  2. Why isn't the recital in Graham Chapel? It would be neat to hear the music in there, and I would think the players would prefer an acoustically active space.
  3. Why don't they get the piano tuned where the students did play?


1) There are only 12 or so voice majors at Wash U, but there are over 200 students who take voice lessons.

2) The recital was probably not in Graham Chapel because Events Services sucks. Really. It is impossible to book an event in Graham Chapel less than 12 months beforehand. This school has a penchant for booking 3 weddings per weekend there...preventing most student groups from using the chapel when they want to.

3) They do tune the pianos regularly at the Music School, the problem is that some of them are so old (and some of them are so abused by their players) that they do not hold the tunings very long.

Posted by: Sara at December 17, 2002 2:13 PM