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San Diego, sigh

As most of the cognescenti know, I had aspirations of going to San Diego for a sabbatical leave, starting June 2003 and lasting through the Fall semester.

Life is what happens while you were busy making other plans

She who must be obeyed (or at least mollified) has convinced me that we cannot plan a Bat Mitzvah remotely. My daughter's Bat Mitzvah is scheduled for Feburary 2004, and there is (probably, I wouldn't know) more to planning a Bat Mitzvah than I would think. I admit that I would not be doing much of the planning (if I were, it would be a party at the Clayton Center involving rock climbing and volleyball, with dinner catered by Quizno).

So it looks like my plans to sabbaticalize in 2003 are not going to work out. You have heard about it here first -- now I need to tell my Chair and my colleague at San Diego. I'm hoping to reschedule it for the year after, when (as far as I know) none of my kids is scheduled to be Bar or Bat Mitzvah.