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While most of my faithful readers are scattered to the winds for Thanksgiving holiday---and I wish you all the very best---I thought I should post something about Game Show Network, which is a cable channel featuring around-the-clock offerings of TV game shows. Most are from the past, and those include both famous game shows ("Family Feud") as well as some that didn't see much light of day. But this network seems also to have developed some fresh, new game shows, lest you think it has all been done before.

For example, there's a game show called Lingo where contestants try to figure out a word using successive approximations. Feedback is given concerning correctly and incorrectly placed letters in the guesses. Last night, one team (featuring Jim, a homemaker, and Fred, an amateur poet) offered "stork" as its first guess, spelling it


Unfortunately, all clues have to be 5 letters. Apparently, contestants aren't screened for their ability to spell or count, but people with intersting professions or hobbies are in abundance.

How do I know so much about the Game Show Network you ask? My parents are visiting from Texas for Thanksgiving, and my Dad watches the Network regularly. He really gets into it, cheering for contestants as if they could really hear him. Some of the shows are so old I doubt the contestants are still alive. They have gone to that Game Show in the Sky, where contestants must answer difficuilt questions about how they spent their time on Earth.

Hmmm....Lingo....Limbo...what do you think?

One TV gameshow site's maintainer has decided to forgo updates in lieu of a college education:

There will be very few updates to the site for a few months. I'm returning to college to finish my education, more than 7 years after I last took a college course. Finishing my education is a very high priority, much higher than my hobby of maintaining this web site. Thanks for understanding.


That quote was from August 2002. I hope he's making progress on his college degree. I just hope fans of his website can handle the interruption.


Ooooh! You can get the logo of any game show in the history of ever! You can even get "Name That Tune" wallpaper. What a great site, Mike!

Posted by: Brodie at November 28, 2002 7:39 AM