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Wash U Hockey Schedule

Well, fans, thanks to James and his friend, we now have a glimpse of the Wash U Bears Hockey season. These dates are unconfirmed, but a source at a high level claims we play:

Oct. 25th 9PM
Oct 26th 9:15 PM
Nov 8th 10PM
Nov 22nd 10PM
Nov 23rd 9:15PM

The schedule is more secret than our nation's nuclear program, so I fear that James's friend may have to go through an identity change. Who knows? He may resurface as Don Knuth.

PS James and friend: I owe you lunch at the Olympia....contact me to set up an "appointment".


Well my source was having Dylan ask one of his residents who plays.... ;)

Posted by: James at October 16, 2002 1:28 AM