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Harry Potter in China?

Chris has posted concerning the disappointment one often experiences in seeing a movie made from a book one has read. Movie makers seem to think that viewers need more than just a tightly knit, well balanced plot. The movie must contain the right combination of sex, language, and of couse, gratuitous violence.

While riding home the other day, I heard on NPR their story about Harry Potter books in China. It seems that without J.K. Rowling's knowledge or consent, somebody in China has penned a fifth book in the series. From the NPR story, the book is a little confused. For example, Gandalf (from Lord of the Rings) makes an appearance in the book.

Who knows, maybe Luke Skywalker and Jason Bourne could be woven into the plot, and the plot could always be improved if a few NHL players would show up now and then.


Hooray for crossovers!!!

Posted by: Brodie at October 24, 2002 9:11 PM