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Getting darker

As if the macrocosm reflects the microcosm, the days are getting shorter on both ends, and I'm beginning to feel like winter will be here soon. One of my good friends in NY was in the snow removal business, and like him, I'm hoping for some ripping good snow this year.

Not the nuisance snow for which St Louis is famous. I want piles and piles of white stuff that you can jump in, ski across, and form into wet projectiles to be hurled at small children (my own of course).

Since arriving in our Fair city (1904 Fair to be precise), I've been keeping my cross-country skis near the door, just waiting for the chance to ski into work, around Forest Park, or better yet, through the Zoo. I can't wait to see the look on the polar bear's face when he sees me Schuss by on my skis. And if a Zoo patrol person tries to stop me, I will start babbling in German about preparing for the next Olympics.

Art Hill, here I come.....