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Dis n' dat

Well, the week is halfway done, and there's not too much to report.

  • I'm glad to report that Stan Kwasny is back in good health, and has resumed teacihng CS 102. I admit I had fun teaching it for two weeks, although I fear the fun may be one-sided in that I gave them two labs on multithreading that are sure to amuse. If you want to see the lab and run my solution, click here
  • I'm about to send the Engineering School's resolution on to Dean Macias and our Chancellor, wherein we ask Arts and Sciences to consider counting classes outside their College toward their students' distribution requirements. Since the change in the ArtSci curriculum, we're seeing about half the ArtSci students in 101 that we used to. We miss them badly.
  • I got interviewed by Channel 11 about spam. I promised them I would stop, but they interviewed me anyway. If I don't end up on the cutting-room floor, I'll be on Friday 25 October 9 PM time slot.