minutia press.

I'm glad it's Saturday after a long and hectic week. It seems that students are getting sick at Wash U and my kids are also sick. So something is going around.

I've been doing a course at OCI last week and this coming week with Morgan , and that's been an interesting experience. It's making me think that a course in Real TIme programming might be Real Neat, and I'm thinking of developing such a thing while at San Diego, should Real Time still be Real Interesting by the time I Really get out there. Right now, San Diego seems a world away.

David Wise visited our deaprtment and I had dinner with him last night at Lorenzo's Trattoria on the Hill. We then went to (where else?) Ted Drewes , and as I got out the car I told him I always see somebody I know there, and sure enough my (G.P.) doctor was there with his family.

By the way, a fun thing to do is to get a substantial quantity of Ted Drewes custard pre-packed in cups to-go. When you get home, dispose of the the custard as you see fit. The dry ice in which it's packed then provides hours of fun.

David gave a very good talk -- one of the best I've heard on the topic of numerical analysis (which some call numerical paralysis because the material can be dryer than a 50-year-old bottle of Suave Bolla). David, a VP of ACM , spoke wtih the movers and shakers of our student ACM chapter.

Well, now on to making breakfast....